A very interesting question. Do you really need a coach? People might think, that there are a lot of free diets and workout plans available on YouTube or on google so why do they need us?

Do you guys also think this before joining a school or a college?

The answer is NO!

There is a lot of stuff related to each and every subject present on this planet available on google or on YouTube. And so does this Fitness thing!

As saying goes- You can’t be your Doctor! Similarly you need a Coach to guide you through the process as you are doing this for your body and you can’t let anything go wrong with your body! Let us understand why do you need a coach for your Transformation:-


An educated coach will always give a direction to your transformation; he will figure out your goals and will design your nutrition and training plans according to your goals. He will make changes in your plan according to your body’s response on particular calories. As your syllabus gets changed after every year in your school and college because your level improves every year, same is with your body, your body needs change according to its growth every week or month or even days.

Remember a Coach has been through this process many fold times; so he knows in which direction the transformation is heading!


An educated coach will always have a reason for everything he tells you or he asks you to follow, with your transformation you will also learn about the basics of nutrition and exercise if you show interest in your coach. We at SWEAT Fitness believe in educating our clients by giving them reasons for everything we ask them to follow. Give a man a fish and you feed him one day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him many times. This is what we believe at SWEAT Fitness, we teach you how to manage your food intake throughout your life and if you follow the principle you will stay fit forever.


A major factor behind people leaving their transformation’s in between is they lack motivation, or they are left high and dry by their coach, but remember an educated coach will never leave your hand, he will never let you stay behind or he will never let you stop your transformation in between because he cares for you and for your health. We at SWEAT Fitness are very punctual with our follow ups and our calling, our coaches call their client’s without fail and we motivate them by giving them reasons behind the several factors they are going through during their transformation. But remember only a coach’s motivation will not be enough, you have to be self-motivated to achieve your desired results.


Every one wants results, but not everyone is ready to put in the efforts required, so a good coach will plan your nutrition and your exercise plan in such a way that you don’t feel like you are on a diet or you are doing something unusual. Remember if a diet can’t be adhered or can’t be sustained then it is not the right way for you to do it. We at SWEAT Fitness believe in the concept of flexible dieting where we provide all the options to our clients so that they feel comfortable during their transformation.

Remember fitness is not a short-term goal, you have to devote at least good 90 days to start seeing results and imagine for 90 days you are asked to eat the foods that you hate the most, can you do it for longer period? I couldn’t have done it. So, choose your coach wisely and once you select your coach then trust him/her completely.

We are giving free first diet counselling for everyone, if you have any doubts related to your health and nutrition then feel free to call us at https://sweatfitness.in/contact-us/

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