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Himanshu Vyas

Hey Fitness Freak,
My name is Himanshu Vyas, your sports nutritionist. I have done my certification from NESTA, and I am ready to help you in achieving your fitness goals. While working for an MNC for 2 years as a Civil Engineer, my core interest was in fitness and was always thriving to excel in this field so I left my job and started SWEAT FITNESS with an aim to help people in achieving their fitness goals. I have 4+ years of experience in the fitness field and have dealt with clients all over India and as well as in International countries( Australia, Finland, USA). I came top 50 in Sheru Classics held in Mumbai in the year 2017 in men’s physique category. My transformation got published in Times of India and I know what it really takes to transform yourself naturally. So yes if you want to transform yourself you are at the right place.
Stay fit and stay healthy!

Shubham Dhiman

It’s great to see you on this platform. This is Shubham Dhiman, a mechanical engineer by profession and a fitness freak by passion. Certified from NESTA as Sports Nutritionist and with over 6 years of training people online and offline, I can confidently say that becoming fit and healthy isn’t expensive and tough!

With good knowledge of the human body and biomechanics, I can guarantee your dream physique is within your reach. I expertise at Fat Loss, Muscle gain, Strength gain, General Wellness, Maintaining current condition and dealing with medical issues like Thyroid, Diabetes, BP, PCOD, PCOS. The most important thing we do at SWEAT Fitness is Educating people throughout his/her fitness journey who can help 2-3 more people and that’s how the chain of fitness goes a long way. SWEATFitness is a great platform to kickstart your journey.  

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Rajnish Dhull

Thanks for stopping by my profile! I’m Rajnish Dhull and  I do online as well as on floor Personal Training. I am in this field for the past 7 years. Being passionate about human biomechanics, I have done EREPS level 4, GGFI advance level Personal Trainer course and currently pursuing ACE-CPT. Being online and on floor trainer, I have successfully transformed many lives. I expertise in Fat loss, general wellness, and Postural Correction. Spending a good part of the career in Mumbai and Delhi as a Personal Trainer and learning from renowned people from the fitness industry has made me believe that I can transform you! SWEATFitness gives you a chance to totally transform yourself! 
So let’s start your fitness journey and see yourself transformed.
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