Success Stories

I have had amazing success with the SWEAT Fitness program, and couldn’t recommend it more! Himanshu has helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The result has been some weight loss and a significant tightening of my whole body, to the point that I think it’s the best! Your coach Himanshu at SWEAT will guide you always round the clock to eat what is right for you. If you want to transform yourself I highly recommend joining SWEAT fitness."
I was introduced to SWEAT Fitness by my friend Sumathi Chanda when I expressed to her my weight gain problems. She was kind enough to give me an introduction to this mentored weight loss program. Soon Himanshu contacted me and we started. I am happy that I started this journey. I have lost a few inches in my back and tummy. Have knocked off a few kgs and feeling very good about myself besides getting some compliments. I had almost given up hopes of getting rid of my ugly tummy but I was overjoyed to see it melting away within three weeks of the program. All the best to SWEAT.
Lecturer at T.I.M.E
SWEAT fitness has been a great mentoring institute and my trainer became more of a friend like a brother. I have transformed my body with his true guidance. Before their guidance, I was just doing stressful workouts and didn’t achieve the results that I was hoping for. Now under my trainer's mentorship, i have been doing workouts that I enjoy anf follow the routine that became a part of my life. Himanshu is a dedicated mentor and I wish him luck for success in the future.
Gagandeep Singh
Himanshu is a one of a kind nutritionist! He portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in the tasks he undertakes. He firmly believes in eating right thereby giving his clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live ka happier, healthier and longer life.
I had been trying to get in shape for past 8 years. The dedication was there but without proper diet and guidance I often saw slow results and gave up. Himanshu has been a game changer coach. Not only does he provide personalised diet and workout but also exceptional follow ups. I would highly recommend trying it yourself and see the difference. Good luck for your fitness journey!!
I came to know about SWEAT Fitness from a known... And my experience till date is amazing. My mentor himanshu sir designed my work out and nutrition plan keeping in mind all the factors specified to him. His motivation and support keeps me going.
I always wanted to be aesthetic but became only possible after joining sweat fitness. Learnt importance of nutrition and workout. Lost fat built muscles and my transformation picture is better testimony
Himanshu is a good trainer. He keeps you on right track and takes update from time to time. He helps in anyway he can. I would recommend him to be anyone’s trainer.
Himanshu Shinde
I have been trying to lose my post pregnancy weight from past two years but was not able to . Himanshu is a great coach and with his strong follow ups , diet and workout program I was able to loose weight and still on the way for losing more. Thanks Himanshu and hope with your efforts I will achieve my targets. Good job .Keep it up!!
Himanshu vyas sir is best nutritionist i have met, he resolved my struggle for reducing my weight and walking a path of heathy life , he is very consistent with his work, always keeping on check and motivating, i lost weight from 105 to.. 84 I recommend him to all my friends
I really wanted to loose weight but hard dieting n heavy gym didn't work but when I started following himanshu sir's diet , I have to say I was surprised. I lost many kilos in jus some weeks. He is really helpful n nice person. Also his diet plans are really easy to follow. I am so glad that I follow his plans regularly.
What a wonderful journey of strengthening! with very little time to spare and very little knowledge! Thank You Shubham for designing my workouts and showing me a way that I could workout at home too! I feel stronger, confident and looking forward to continue this journey with SWEAT Fitness. It’s wonderful how Shubham spends time to not only explain a certain exercise but what that exercise targets at. I am a proud mother of two; who are equally excited to see me workout with weights and barbell at home!
Namrata Nagpal
I am glad to be mentored by Himanshu. He busted out my so many myths and helped me resides in healthy and fit body. He is passionate for his work and provides much needed motivation whenever needed. More than a coach he is a friend to me who is just a call away during any breakdown. Stay fit stay healthy will become the mantra in your life if you partner with SWEAT Fitness.
"Shubham is an inspiring mentor and has helped me tremendously in my fat loss journey. His approach is scientific and logical, and he can effectively make custom plans based on your food and workout choices. He is able to diagnose what’s working and what’s not working on your nutrition and workout plans and tweak your program on an ongoing basis. His ability to listen to you and patiently answer all your questions, and jump on a call whenever you need a quick consultation makes it easy to work with him in a virtual mode."
Shaliya Khan
I tried everything- following the norms of weight loss, going through the internet for good diet and workout plan. The first time I joined SWEAT, I realized how cognizant they were about fitness and the field of nutrition and how everything I have been doing so far was the worst approach of the weight loss and body toning journey. Today I stand strong weighing 57 kgs with 21% body fat from 65kgs with 30% body fat. This was not just a weight loss journey but more of change of lifestyle. Today, I know what kind of food would suit my body and what should be avoided and that’s all because of Himanshu. I thank him and SWEAT whole heartedly. Hand down to the best fitness coach ever.
It's been almost 2 years now with Shubham. I am not only transforming myself, but have learnt almost everything from him. One of the best mentors I have ever come across. I cannot think of anyone else than him when it comes to start training. He is so passionate about what he is doing and that is what makes me proud of him. His knowledge is at par the best and his professionalism towards the work is incredible. Thank you SWEAT, for transforming me and still helping me to learn so much."
Fitness Trainer
I was a healthy kid from the start. By the time, I was on my teenage; I was seriously overweight and noticed a few extra pounds every year on my body. I started running, did exercises to shed a few pounds. Nothing great was ever accomplished alone. Then I met Mr. Shubham Dhiman, my fitness coach at SWEAT. I followed him and did exactly what he instructed, followed a strict diet plan, and exercised what he gave. What you want in a mentor is someone who truly cares for you and when you do come across the right person to mentor you, you start by showing them the time they spend with you is worthwhile. And now, that I've done with my transformation, from a chubby 100 kg teen to a 85 kg good looking man. All credits and thanks to SWEAT Fitness. I achieved what I willing to achieve in the best possible ways.
Madhur Chouksey
Very happy with the services. They provide very useful and constructive information. He is very detailed, specific and honest. He is very civil and friendly. He is always available to take clients call and resolving their issues.
SWEAT Fitness works superb, they put 100% efforts to their client, to reach his/her desired goals. Regular messages, calls and asking about our diet that how its going, no one can do such work and efforts but you are doing it. Hats off and seriously you guys are a gem. Commendable job! Great work, not possible without you. Cheers, Good luck!
I have been working out at the gym but wasn’t getting results. So I joined SWEAT Fitness under Himanshu Vyas. I am getting good results from the diet I have lost 22kgs in 5 months and would recommend you to go for it as it will help you.
Call it Journey of weight loss or Gaining of strength!! It all became clear a year and half back when I got Shubham as a mentor. I liked the way he designed my workout plans which included only strength training before which I was doing only cardio(walking). He also helped me with diet taking into consideration my hectic schedule. For the first time I started doing strength training at home with the exercises given by Shubham and it really worked very well. His continuous support and encouragement has helped me in staying motivated. Thank you SWEAT!
Housewife & Businesswoman
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