How to Lose Weight?

You have come here after searching- How to lose 10 kg or 20 kg or 30 kg on Google. Isn’t it? So let’s get started and know How we can Lose Weight!

In these times of technological advancements, the physical activity of humans has reduced many folds! Remember how our grandparents and great grandparents used to look like! They weren’t fat! So, stop calling being Overweight as a genetic factor! Why? Because it takes many generations to show up large scale changes in genetics. So, it isn’t matter of genetics! Now before going to lose we must figure out why do we Gain Weight?

Why do I gain weight?

Why do I Gain Weight?
  • Your calorie intake is very high- Calorie is the King! And when it is taken in the form of food, drinks more than you actually can burn then you will certainly gain weight as Energy Balance is positive here. And when your energy stores are full, the remaining energy will go be stored as Fat and that’s how you gain fat!
  • Low Energy Expenditure- You don’t run, jog, exercise and do sitting job all day is the reason you gain weight. Recall Energy Balance in first point.
  • Hormonal Issue- You might be suffering from Hypothyroidism and may be gaining weight.
  • You Binge eat a lot; stress levels are high. These can also lead to weight gain.

How to Lose Weight?

Read below how you can lose weight.

Now you might have sorted out your weight gain issue. Let’s work on the solution. It is easy to lose weight. You need to follow these simple steps in order to lose weight:

  1. Calorie Deficit– Remember Energy Balance? Now you need to take it to negative! That means you eat less and burn more energy. This is called Calorie Deficit.
  2. Energy Expenditure– Start doing some physical activity! It can be running, jogging, zumba, resistance training, crossfit or any other sport. Just do some activity. It does not only help in reducing weight also your body’s Muscle Mass increases, Hormones function properly, good for Heart, joints. There are only positives in this regard.
  3. Manage Stress.
  4. Eat lot of Green Leafy Vegetables- Why are Green Leafy Vegetables are important? It is because it fills our stomach and hence more satiating food and also these provide micronutrients essential for the weightloss and overall wellness.
  5. Keep your Water intake intact– Drink at least 3 liters of water daily.
  6. Eat your Protein– Make sure you eat at least 1.5 gm Protein per Kg of Body weight. You can take it up to 1-1.5 gm per pound (2.2 times the BW in Kg) of body weight.
  7. Be Consistent with your efforts.
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