Foods to Avoid when trying to Lose Weight

In the last blog you had read that Calorie Deficit is the key to lose weight. But still some people find it difficult when trying to shed some extra pounds. Why this happens? The main reason being their food choices that lead to Calorie Surplus! In this blog we are going to tell you which foods you should be avoiding while losing weight so that your weight loss process continues and you reach your end goal. Firstly, let us know about high calorie foods.

Which foods to eat and which ones to be avoided?

What are High Calorie Foods?

Do you know that one serving of Fries with large coke has approx 780 calories in it? That comes under one of High calorie foods! The list is too long. These are the foods that provide extremely high amount of calories in much lesser quantity! You don’t feel full but you have already had many calories. This is because these foods are very LESS SATIATING FOODS which means you WANT TO EAT MORE!

And that’s where you go out of the track and eat some more calories. You end up being in Calorie Surplus and gain weight. Avoiding these can be helpful in weight loss program.

Which foods to Avoid?

  • French Fries and Potato Chips – These are not healthy and are very high in calories as well plus it’s easy to eat way too many of these. But wait, by saying French fries and Potato chips are unhealthy this doesn’t mean that whole; boiled potatoes are healthy and helps you feel filled up.
  • Sugary Drinks & Packed Fruit Juices – Sugar sweetened beverages, like soda are one of the unhealthiest foods on planet and the fruit juices are highly processed and loaded with sugar as well, usually contains no fiber. So it is better to completely giving up on sugary drinks and best is to stick to whole fruit or fresh fruit juices. Sometimes you can have COKE ZERO as it has zero calories and don’t worry about Aspartame it is having as there is no evidence it can cause any problem.
  • Pastries, Cookies and Cakes – These are packed with unhealthy ingredients like added sugar, refined flour and may contain artificial trans fats. These have high calorie count , low on nutrients. So what to do while you crave for something sweet? Grab a “Dark chocolate “ instead before your workout.
  • Ice creams – Store bought ice creams is high in sugar, homemade ice cream using full fat yogurt, a fruit and less sugar is better alternative. But remember to track the potions, as it’s very easy to eat too much ice cream.

These all foods above are less Satiating, so you will feel need to eat more and more and that’s what adds up the Calorie Count.Typically it is the junk and fried food that cause the problems. Instead of these try to have WHOLE FOODS with a lot of GREEN VEGETABLES as these will not only give you nutrition but your stomach will be full for long time.

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