about us



Sweat Fitness –  Started
with a thought- “Fitness is not expensive and can be
achieved easily”. Since thoughts become reality, come
take your first step towards your fitness journey and
Sweat Fitness will take you through the right path.
Results matter the most and this is the atmosphere we
have built to give every client desired result!

We are a team of certified professionals with a
certification in sports nutrition and ACE and having an
experience of more than 8+ years in the fitness industry.
We work towards transforming people not only by weight
loss but a complete change of personality which includes
posture, muscle gain, strength gain and of course gain in

We believe in “Education for all”. A person undergoing a
program is taught the science behind the process by which
they are getting results. Guiding them with the right
knowledge will help them take care of themselves in the
Not only you will become fit, if you have any medical
issues or any health disorders like- Thyroid, PCOD,
Diabetes, we help you in reversing it.
So if you have read it all the way through, you are ready
to start your transformation so go ahead and choose our
best nutritionist and get your transformation done.