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Sweat Fitness- Started with a thought- “Fitness is not expensive and can be achieved easily”. Since thoughts become reality, come take your first step towards your fitness journey and Sweat Fitness will take you through the right path.

Results matter the most and this is the atmosphere we have built to give every client desired result!

We are a team of certified professionals with a certification in sports nutrition and ACE and having an experience of more than 8+ years in the fitness industry.




  • Highly scientific approach towards weight loss. A holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle. My weight came down to 97 from 104 Kg. Thanks to SWEAT Fitness and Himanshu for this.

    Aseem Batra

    Cocomom Baker
  • Fitness training is a passion and for some, it is a profession. But for sweat fitness, it is a meditation and they make their clients believe so. Consistency, practice and the most important- right approach to attain physical and mental fitness is their key mantra. Their constant push, timely checks, interesting workout and diet plans kept me motivated and made my fitness journey a childplay. Keep growing Himanshu and team.  

    Jagriti Khurana

  • I had fitness training under Himanshu for 6 Months and I lost a good amount of weight, the maximum I ever did in a go. Himanshu is an excellent fitness trainer. His knowledge about maintaining good health and sharing & communication was really helping out a lot to stay fit. In addition to fitness he shared nutrition diet plan for having good health and I never felt like I have to be hungry the whole time. I am extremely thankful to him for all his guidance and support.

    Kartika Narula

  • I lost all my hope that I could be slim anytime. But then you and sweat fitness came, and believe me now I can fit in all my old attires. I have lost 8 kgs in just three months that too mostly with diet. You have helped me regain my confidence. Eating healthy is what you have motivated me for. Now even if I sometimes ditch my diet, I feel guilty so I always try to follow my diet. My journey has not end yet it’s still going and I am sure you make me achieve my goal.


  • Started with weight (63.7) n it was a dream for me to reach my goal to 58kgs. But it was so easy with Himanshu n his team to work it 💯 and with that I have reached my goal on just 3 months I am finally now 58 n so happy with that☺

    Thank you for the support


  • Joining you these three months has helped me lose a lot of weight even more than I expected i could. All the appreciation from people it is more for you, I’m glad I could eat everything and still could lose. I’ve never had much patience but these 3 months I grew 🥂 All thanks to you

    83kgs to 73kgs its like something Ie planned and could never had it work out. But you helped and guided 🥂😇.


  • My cholesterol was high, but then under SWEAT’s guidance I have lost weight around 5-6 kgs in 3 months. Ab I feel better from inside.

    Aditya Vyas

  • Most of the diets I was doing earlier were not sustainable and I failed every time. But with him and sweat fitness team I never felt the urge to quit. I saw amazing results in my overall fitness and I still continue to eat the right way.


  • I joined sweat fitness in Dec 202 when I was facing challenges with keeping healthy, mostly because of my work profile and post pregnancy. Sweat Fitness has helped me a lifestyle change that is highly conducive to a healthy life. Sweat fitness is highly recommended for those who are looking for a transformation that is gradual and sustainable

    Dr. Swati

  • I have successfully reduced 16 kgs with the medical condition PCOD. I had the pleasure of meeting Sumit on Instagram last summer when I contacted him for nutrition and weight loss counseling. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. With his supervision I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. He did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet.


  • I started at 71 kg and now I’m 59. The journey was tough and interesting at the same time. I had variety of things in my diet including dry fruits and chocolates. My coach Mr. Sumit Masson helped me to lose weight and inches at the same time. I’m looking forward to reach my required goal.


  • My coach Sumit sir helped me lose weight and gain strength at the same time. I had a variety of things in my diet from pasta to maggi to chocolates. The journey was worth a try. In starting I was a bit hesitant about being on diet as for my diet was a synonym to starvation, but to my surprise I was eating more than I normally do but the only difference was I was taking the right things in the right amount.

    Aastha Dhall

  • I am very thankful to the campaign sweat Karega India by SWEAT FITNESS. Well the lockdown is all about the endless munching and distorted sleeping cycle that we all are facing and I was also facing the same issue but  thanks to this campaign I was able to track back to a healthier Lifestyle in this campaign I was mentored by Mr Aditya sir


  • I participated in SWEATKAREGAINDIA campaign at SWEAT fitness with a goal to gain weight at starting I was 58 kg and currently after 45 days my weight is 64 kg and I was trained by Mr. Aditya Shah, he always kept motivating me and help me with my fitness goals. Thanks Sweat Fitness for organising such a great campaign. 


I really wanted to loose weight but hard dieting n heavy gym didn't work but when I started following Himanshu sir's diet , I have to say I was surprised. I lost many kilos in just some weeks. He is really helpful n nice person. Also his diet plans are really easy to follow. I am so glad that I follow his plans regularly.
Fitness is not just about looking good but it is actually more about feeling good. Thanks to Sweat Fitness team’s guidance I’ve been able to built an aesthetic physique. My trainer Shubham Dhiman has always been there to motivate and guide me. His deep knowledge in this field have always cleared all my doubts. Now my lifestyle has become more healthy and more active. Thanks a lot Sweat Fitness team. All the best.
CEO, Sri Sri Plywoods
SWEAT Fitness works superb, they put 100% efforts to their client, to reach his/her desired goals. Regular messages, calls and asking about our diet that how its going, no one can do such work and efforts but you are doing it. Hats off and seriously you guys are a gem. Commendable job! Great work, not possible without you. Cheers, Good luck!
Very happy with the services. They provide very useful and constructive information. He is very detailed, specific and honest. He is very civil and friendly. He is always available to take clients call and resolving their issues.


Himanshu Vyas

Fitness Coach

Hey Fitness Freak, My name is Himanshu Vyas, your sports nutritionist. I have done my certification from NESTA, and I am ready to help you in achieving your fitness goals.

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Shubham Dhiman

Fitness Coach

It’s great to see you on this platform. This is Shubham Dhiman, a mechanical engineer by profession and a fitness freak by passion.

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Sumit Masson

Fitness Coach

Hi! My name is Sumit Masson. I am a passionate Certified Sports Nutritionist (Certified by ISSA, USA) and wellness coach who loves to help people achieve their goals.

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Madhur Chouksey

Fitness Coach

Hello everyone ! I am Madhur Chouksey. I am NESTA ( USA) certified and a result oriented certified Physique Trainer and Sports Nutritionist professional with a passion for designing exercise and nutrition plans that maximize Workout efficiency , improves Fitness , increases stamina and develop an overall sense of well-being.

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Aditya Shah

Fitness Coach

Hey everyone, this is Aditya Shah your Sports nutritionist certified from NESTA (USA). A B.com (Hons) graduate and a Fitness junkie. A young enthusiastic lad ready to serve you in achieving that dream physique whether be losing weight or Gaining lean muscle mass. Hope to work with you!

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