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Our social commitment is integral part of our Vision, which focuses on Wellness as an opportunity for development for each person and for the whole community.
It has grown from simple stage and reached to the dream stage of it. We train you to improve your intellectual and fitness levels. We imagine a future in which everyone can achieve their own well-being.


Exercise systems and Programs

Our Exercise programs are customized and prescribed after through fitness and health assessment as well as nutritional profiling. Our programs are designed using the blend of varied of trainging which includes Cardio-vascular & Muscular strength training, Isometric & Isotonic trainings, Group Exercises.

This blend of systems provides a holistic approach towards Weight gain or Weight loss, Managing stress, Lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity etc., apart from enhancing or even just maintaining general Health or Fitness

Our specialized programs:

  • Weight Management Programs(Weight loss and Weight gain)
  • General Fitness
  • Sports Performance Enhancement Program
  • Special Population Program
  • Stress Management
  • Group Fitness Programs, Aerobics, Boot Camp, Step Aerobics, Kettle bell, Zumba, Aero-kick Boxing, HIIT, Yoga etc

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Client Satisfication 95%
Man Power 90%
Friendliness 85%
Design 100%